Cross out your Wedding To Do List with a Wedding Checklist 


You want to enjoy your wedding?  Use a wedding checklist

The joy of a wedding checklist.  When you sit down to plan a wedding it can feel like there are a million things to do, and before you know it you’re completely overwhelmed.   We’ve probably all seen those reality tv shows like Bridezillas, or watched movies like Father of the Bride, or My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  And while most of those shows are hilarious, it’s not actually that fun to go through it yourself.  Here’s the good news….you dont!

One of the best ways to plan the wedding of your dreams without losing your hair in the process is to use a wedding checklist.  You want your wedding to be about the experience, the gathering, the family, your to-be spouse, your vows….not the stress.  Good wedding planning is about helping you to get the most out of your wedding.  With our wedding checklist you can be sure that all the important stuff is taken care of, so you can be free to enjoy the moment, and sail into your honeymoon!   


So How does a Wedding To Do List help me? 

A wedding to do list helps you to take the craziness of planning a wedding and transform it into something manageable.  It might seem a little unromantic to use a checklist….but believe me, a relaxed bride is going to be in a much better place than a bridezilla stressed out of  her mind two days before the wedding….it’s not exactly a picture of beauty and grace.  A good list helps you to focus on the right things at the right time, so you don’t find yourself in a stressful place just two weeks before your wedding.   It makes you own the wedding planning, rather than the wedding planning owning you.

We put together a wedding checklist that will save you money, time and stress.  If there’s anything missing, please let us know!