Real Life Wedding Ideas on a Budget


Best Wedding Ideas on a Budget Nowadays, everyone seems to be on a financial budget, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Consider the fact that an average wedding may cost upwards and over $25,000, today we have some great tips and the best wedding ideas on a budget of any size. Venue An outside venue, like a park, usually rent space for a minimum fee.  Choosing a unique venue, like an aquarium, winery or art gallery, not only has a build in décor and ambiance, but the cost is usually … [Read more...]

Get Inspiration from These Famous Wedding Planners


Famous Wedding Planners Whether you're trying to throw the bash of a century, or just want to have a nice, memorable wedding.  Everyone can learn something from these famous wedding planners.  It might be their drive, their passion, or just their eye to spot the right details.   These people know how to throw a party. DAVID TUTERA is a name that is synonymous with elegance, creativity and style, and this visionary artist can create an unforgettable and personal wedding experience for you and … [Read more...]

I Want to go to There- Costa Rica Weddings


Costa Rica Weddings and your Soul It's easy to understand why a couple would want to get married in Costa Rica. It's full of rich rainforests, volcanoes, waterfalls and black and white sand beaches, situated between the Pacific and Caribbean Coasts. For those that haven’t been to Costa Rica but it’s landed on your list of possible places to have your wedding ceremony, envision in your mind for the moment. It's a small country; only taking 3 hours to get from coast to coast in car. This makes it … [Read more...]

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Wedding Invitation Kits


Making Sense of Wedding Invitation Kits When it comes to putting together a wedding, sometimes budgets put a serious damper on spending a lot of money on things like invitations. These small tokens of the wedding can make all the difference and no bride wants to be known for having cheap looking invitations. While you can sometimes be frustrated by the designs available online as they may lack a design that fits your style, it’s important to remember that you have options. Namely, wedding … [Read more...]

Wedding Photography Checklist – Get the Right Pictures on Your Big Day!


Wedding Photography Checklist - Get it Right when it Matters Besides the two blenders of the same model and the other wedding gifts, there is something else tangible left over after the wedding ceremony that is infinitely more special. Wedding photos are cherished and fondly looked at for years to come after the actual ceremony has taken place. Finding a good photographer can sometimes be a challenge but sometimes you’re lucky enough to have a friend or family member make a recommendation, … [Read more...]

Change it Up! Ideas for Unique Wedding Venues


Express Yourself with Unique Wedding Venues In this day and age which embraces things less conventional but still clutches at tradition with the other arm, you may be wondering how to set yourself apart from the other brides and grooms that will be tying the knot this year. You can always think about unique wedding venues, or incorporate pieces of your personality and lives into the wedding ceremony. Perhaps your adrenaline junkie fiance proposed by skydiving down to you. Maybe you’re not … [Read more...]

Top 5 Free Wedding Websites


These days, its easier than ever to get people engaged (no pun intended) with your upcoming wedding.  Whether its joining in the fun of the anticipation of the event, providing helpful comments, figuring out what to buy for the new couple, or just coming by to cruise some photos, a free wedding website is the way to go to reach the most people with the least amount of effort.  Writing it once and blasting it online beats saying it 100 times any day.  Free wedding websites are a great way to make … [Read more...]

5 Wedding To Do List Faux Pas – #3 Made me Cringe


5 Things you Should Take off your Wedding To Do List #1.  Get too Drunk  Everyone wants to have a good time at a wedding.  There's nothing wrong with having some liquid encouragement to help you step out of your shell.  Maybe you don't like dancing, and now you want to get out there and rip it.  Maybe you just want to take the edge off so you can enjoy what's going on around.  All good reasons to have a little bit, but lets be honest here.  Getting sloppy drunk doesn't make anyone … [Read more...]

Small Wedding Ideas


There are a lot of couples who prefer having a small scale wedding rather than a big one. But a small wedding doesn’t mean they do not want it to be memorable. There are certain small wedding ideas which the couples can put in their wedding and make their special day deeper rather than wider. Small Wedding Ideas for…….Small weddings Ok, just to state the obvious, in order to make it a small wedding, you have to make a small guest list.  I know this goes without saying, but a small guest list … [Read more...]

The 5 Biggest Decisions on Your Wedding Checklist


Use Your Wedding Checklist to Get Ahead Planning a wedding is part fun, part event planning, part hair pulling, and part getting-stuff-done.  Use a wedding checklist to make sure you get more of the fun part and less of the hair pulling the best thing to do is approach it like a big project.  Like any big project, it can usually be helpful to address the biggest decisions right at the beginning!  Get them out of the way, and the rest of your time is pre-marital bliss!  Well, in an ideal world … [Read more...]

The Top 7 Ways to Save Money With Your Wedding Checklist


Save Money and Stress With a Wedding Checklist Weddings can be expensive.  Especially these days with instagram and all the wedding blogs out there (except for all wedding secrets of course…the best blog), bride’s expectations are going higher and higher about their weddings.  And with those rising expectations, come higher and higher budgets for your wedding.  Well the good news is you can actually save money by using your wedding checklist to focus in on the most expensive parts of your … [Read more...]

Don’t be a Cow, Use a Wedding Checklist – Part 2


The Best Reasons to Use a Wedding Checklist - Part 2 Here's the second part of our series based on a dumb little metaphor.  Don't be a cow, use a wedding checklist.  Cow's are passive animals that take a long time digest anything.  You on the other hand want to get the details out of the way so you can focus on the fun parts of your wedding.  So with out further ado here's the other reasons:     Wedding Checklist = Better Time Management How long will it take you plan your … [Read more...]